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Andrea Dominguez: Born to race PWCs

Now, at the peak of summer, many of us are thirsty for adventure on the water. How appropriate that the subject of the 6th installment of our "Women in Powersports" series is Andrea Dominguez, athlete, Sea-Doo ambassador, and owner of a watercraft school in Colombia.

Andrea’s passion for watercraft was ignited early on, training in her youth with her father and brother on the waters of Colombia. However, Andrea chose to study film and television, then switched to pediatric dentistry and maxillary orthodontics, graduating in 2017.

Throughout her studies, she was never far from the water and watercraft. That's why she decided to move to Miami, despite the distance from her family and friends in Colombia. In Miami, she began training professionally as a personal watercraft (PWC) athlete, which eventually took her full circle to Colombia, where she founded her watercraft school to teach the sport to children.

Why did you choose Sea-Doo, a BRP brand?

Ever since I've been involved with watercraft, I’ve ridden a Sea-Doo. Sea-Doo is the machine on which I feel comfortable and stable, it’s easy to handle, and it’s the brand my family has always used. In fact, my father and brother only ever raced with Sea-Doo.

What’s it like to be a woman in the powersports industry?

I have always said that being a woman in this industry is no different than for anyone else. It’s simply a fact that there are more men than women, but this doesn’t prevent women from making the sport our own and going further than before. You can already see this happening. In recent years, more women have been living, enjoying, and succeeding in PWC racing. Being in motorsports is one way for women to experience adrenaline-pumping excitement.

Women shouldn’t have any concerns about trying this sport. They may be just as motivated by racing as men, as it’s more than just steering a PWC, it’s also about learning to take care of your machine, knowing how it works, and improving your riding every day.

How have things changed for women in this industry?

Several things have changed since I started racing PWCs. When I started out, I was probably the only woman racing in the senior category. Today, you see more women, not just in Colombia, but around the world. I’d really like to see this evolution continue, because I don’t think gender should be a factor in this industry.

What remains to be done?

There should be more support for those who want to grow in competitive powersports. I’ve noticed a lack of support from companies, organizations, or groups. More support would help promote the sport and bring visibility to many new talents.

What advice would you give to a woman who would like to grow in the industry?

My advice for women is to do what you love and what motivates you. So, if you have an inner drive to race or compete in motorsports, do not be afraid to compete with men. Women put as much of themselves into racing as men do.

We must believe in ourselves and enjoy our unique gifts. I would also like to see more mutual support and assistance between women because it will make us stronger, so we can all realize our dreams. Also, always be disciplined and persevere.

How do you see the future?

In the future, I see more women competing in PWC racing. I imagine a world in which more competitions have women's leagues, enabling women to succeed. I hope my experience will help the industry expand.

What do you do to support women in your industry?

I believe that by pursuing my dreams, I show other women that anything is possible. Being the first woman to race in the GP1 category is one more step toward creating a women’s category. I really believe that we can do as much as men can do in PWC racing.

Every day, I share and talk with women to help them realize their dreams. As women, we are here to demonstrate that we can do whatever we set our minds to.

"We can do whatever we set our minds to."