Ingenuity defines us



Progress doesn’t come from standing still. We continually invest in R&D and we build on our culture of innovation every day and in every way. The reason we’re proud of our innovation culture isn’t because of all the patents we accumulate, the awards we receive or the industry firsts. It is because our innovations help us discover new trails, reach greater heights and create unforgettable memories with our family and friends. We focus on design and the development of technologies that are consistently more efficient, cleaner and more environmentally friendly than before. With the resources of several state-of-the-art research and development facilities, we are poised to maintain our leadership position in our industries.



The Laurent Beaudoin Design and Innovation Centre attracts talented designers from around the world. We currently have more than a dozen nationalities. Innovation starts with passionate designers who create exceptional products that exceed the expectations of consumers. This addiction to perfection has allowed us to win more than 135 awards around the world. The key: select the best to create the future.


Our colleagues at the Product Development Centre work to produce the next generation of vehicles, and it’s thanks to them that we have many patents. It's the balance of design and performance that allows us to provide consumers with exciting experiences on every adventure.


With a “the future is now” philosophy, the CTA (Centre de technologies avancées or Advanced Technology Centre) develops advanced technologies and highly specialized vehicles. The CTA works in collaboration with Sherbrooke University and benefits from the talent and experience of its researchers and professors. It's also an opportunity for master's and doctoral students to take on challenging opportunities.


The RIC is a platform for the exchange of creative ideas between universities and the industry to improve the sharing of knowledge and foster innovation. Its goal is to develop more efficient and more eco-friendly engine technologies. This is how we can prepare for the future.