We innovate. We progress. Relentlessly.


Key moments in our adventure

The date is 1937. The place is the small, hilly town of Valcourt, Quebec, Canada. Joseph-Armand Bombardier is granted a patent for the first ever vehicle that can travel on snow, developed in his garage, thanks to his determination and daring. 

In 1942, with the production of a second, larger vehicle, he founds his own company: L’Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée. 

Over the years, J.-A. Bombardier refines his design, and launches the Ski-Doo in 1959. With this innovative product comes the birth of a new sport.

Fast forward to 2003. BRP becomes an independent company, maintaining the adventurous and innovative spirit of its founder. Still headquartered in Valcourt, Quebec, BRP has been enabling unforgettable experiences for our customers for decades through our impressive portfolio of products.


Our Vision

Our Promise

Adventure by Design

Our promise is to create experiences that move people; it is about our obsession to detail that transforms the functional into the inspirational; it is the drive to push our own limits and help our riders find new ways to push theirs – and to choose adventure. Always. At BRP, we call this Adventure by Design. And it’s what we do.

Our Purpose

We exist to create new ways to move people

We are committed to helping people reimagine how they access their world – enabling experiences that can be measured in emotion rather than distance.

Our Beliefs

Progress doesn’t come from standing still

We believe every innovation comes from doing, not just thinking or debating. Our relentlessness is our greatest asset. It keeps us up at night – thinking bigger and daring harder

Being outdoors makes us feel alive

We weren’t put on this earth just to stare at a screen. The great outdoors makes us feel human – from every day to epic. The wind on our faces, the sun and the rain on our skin, a little dirt under our nails, that’s living.

We ride for the journey, not the destination.

Every step we take is an adventure begun, a truth learnt, and a moment made. There is no final summit, no end point, and no finish line that beats the joy of what we experience on the way 

Our Values


Passion to keep moving. Passion informs everything we do and is an integral part of every value we have. If it’s not done with passion, it’s not BRP. It’s passion you can feel.


Trust to build strong partnerships. We take care of our people like family. We act with integrity. People can count on us. Like we count on them. It’s that simple.


Ingenuity to defy conventions. We’re not afraid to see things differently. Constant curiosity makes us the first to uncover new solutions. We question. We innovate. We progress. Relentlessly.


Drive to deliver on our commitments. We say what we do. We do what we say. No excuses. Only sheer determination. Relentless drive and love of the ride push us ahead. While we live for the ride, we always arrive at the destination.


You can find us worldwide


Over the past 20 years, we have travelled far and wide. Expanding our partnerships, entering new playgrounds and new territories.

Today, our BRP network is spread out across five continents.  It’s that mix of cultures, that diversity of thought that make BRP so successful today.

Innovation centers

Where the magic happens

Progress doesn’t come from standing still. Thanks to our culture of innovation, we have developed industry-first products and accumulated a growing heap of awards. With our state-of-the-art research and development facilities, we are poised to maintain our leadership position. List of locations

Manufacturing Facilities

Where dreams turn to reality

It takes skill, intelligence, determination and steadfastness to put someone’s dream into action. Our 14 manufacturing plants, located in Canada, the United States, Austria, Germany, Finland, Mexico and Australia each bring together the brightest minds and most skilled workers to keep pushing the boundaries of the powersports industry.


Where it all comes together

Our office staff is the lifeblood of BRP, supporting our dealer and distributor network from offices around the world. They represent the backbone of our business.

We Care About People

Ethical Behaviour is Everyone’s Responsibility