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International Women’s Day 2020

March is Women's History Month, and what better way to celebrate what’s been done and what’s yet to come than by highlighting the determination, leadership and commitment of the many exceptional women making a difference in our industry!

Our Women in Powersports series features interviews with 14 female BRP employees, dealers and ambassadors. For the 15th article, we consolidated all the precious advice these ladies shared with us. Whether you’ve seen them or not, their game-changing tips are worth reading over and over again.


Accept the challenge  

“My advice for women is to do what you love and what motivates you. So, if you have an inner drive to race or compete in motorsports, do not be afraid to compete with men. Women put as much of themselves into racing as men do. We must believe in ourselves and enjoy our unique gifts.


Help women fit in

“I believe we need to help each other if we want to move things forward. So, I contribute by giving advice. I try to give tips to other women, based on what I’ve learned, and I encourage them to point out what’s wrong with the equipment. Together, we can help the situation improve, whatever it is.


Set the bar higher

“You never know what you’re fully capable of until you try. Never be embarrassed to try new things. I always set two types of goals each year. One set includes goals I know I can achieve, and the other set challenges me to raise the bar for myself."


Do your homework

“Knowing the product has been key for me. My confidence in my business comes from knowing my product inside and out. Also, I am who I am in business and on the race track – a person who has something valuable to offer.”

  • Corry Weller, Can-Am Off-Road racer/ambassador and co-owner of Weller Racing in the USA


Show your value

“I think there’s enough room for every woman to shine. Work should be a pleasure. Each of us needs to identify what we do best, where our skills can be useful, and then give our best effort in everything that we do. Women are no exception. But we have more possibilities now, and they’ll continue to increase, and the key is to show our value. So, I say to women: Don’t be afraid to try. Go for everything you dream of, and make sure to do your best. You’ll find your place to shine if you know your strengths and take advantage of the opportunities you get.”



Embrace trial and error

“Be yourself and know yourself. To shine, you need to surround yourself with stars. I believe that helping each other and being authentic should be our main values in business, and knowing your own strengths and weaknesses is essential if you want to choose the right people to be part of your team. I’d also add that for one successful idea, you need a ton of bad ones that you shouldn’t be afraid to express and try out!”


Engage in open discussion

“As women, we are all responsible for making sure we have the skills that are needed in business, so we can be strong candidates for opportunities that come our way. I also encourage all women to be confident and vocal about what you want to achieve in your career path; and show interest and the willingness to work for it.”


Be driven to succeed

“At BRP, women and men are regarded as equals. To become a team leader, you just need to have the necessary skills and experience. I am proud to be part of BRP and to be able to work in an environment that gives us the opportunity to improve and feel supported in our work.”


Dare to be different

“I would love to see more women in engineering and technical roles in manufacturing. This needs to start with adults encouraging young girls to develop their interest in math and science and to pursue such opportunities. So, my advice [is]: Be confident, tenacious, make sure your opinions are heard and back them up with real facts. Know that you have gifts to bring to the table that are valuable.”

  • Jodi Emmons, Manufacturing System Coordinator at BRP in the USA


Favour authentic leadership


“I firmly believe that women should help each other. That's why, every day, I encourage women around me to stand up for themselves, to speak up, and to trust each other. Authenticity is an important strength that enables each of us to command respect, overcome outdated ways of thinking, and climb the ladder.”


Seize new opportunities


“We need to bring even more women to the powersports industry, especially within dealerships. Whether it’s in the sales, service or parts departments, there’s a place for every woman who wants to join the adventure. It’s an exciting and diverse field in which the number of female employees and consumers continues to grow. In the coming years, we need to invest time and energy promoting our community to professional women. There are many interesting challenges out there...”


Do what you love

“I think the most important thing is to do what really interests you. You can’t do your job properly otherwise, and that goes for women and men. If you try to be someone else, you won’t be successful. As women, we can help each other be more confident by supporting each other.”


Be true to yourself

“Work hard. Learn from your mistakes. Be patient and kind to yourself. Be curious. Surround yourself with great people. [These pieces of advice] work for everyone. Be yourself, and don’t change because of unnecessary expectations that others have of you. Being a woman is challenging in many industries, but remember, what makes us different is what makes us great. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind when appropriate and… it’s okay to be feminine!”

Samantha Ryan, Dealer at PowerSports Regina Ltd in Canada


Lead the way

“Continue to help other women feel comfortable in the industry. Be willing to take them with you on a ride, and work with them. Sometimes they will gain confidence just by seeing another woman do it.”

Stephanie Hunsaker, General manager of ADS Motorsports in the USA