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Visco-4Lok: Perfect for more extreme conditions

For fans of mud and marshy terrain, our Outlander X mr Can-Am ATV is a favourite vehicle. Its Visco-Lok technology, which automatically locks the front differential, ensures they don’t get stuck, even when caught out by an unexpected type of mud or by obstacles hidden beneath the surface. With these ‘mud-riders’ in mind, our research and development engineers pushed the technology even further for our 2021 models.

We had the opportunity to speak with Marc-André Daunais, Global product manager, ATV, and Rémi Breton, Project manager ATV, to learn more about the new Visco-4Lok technology, which makes it possible to lock all four wheels whenever you want, for significantly increased traction.

Why this new version?

Driving in mud, or in more extreme conditions like snow or ice, has become VERY popular in the last few years. There are more and more enthusiasts who are asking more and more of their vehicles. In fact, the market seems to be growing by about 10% each year. It's a challenge that puts your driving technique to the test, and the secret is to keep moving forward, which requires high traction performance. Being able to lock all four wheels with Visco-4Lok gives drivers additional options, right when they really need them. This means Outlander X mr and Renegade X mr owners have the best of both worlds. When they’re out for a ride, the automatic function adjusts to varying trail conditions. When they come across sections of extreme terrain, and need maximum traction, they can activate the four-wheel lock by pressing a button.

How did you develop it?

This kind of improvement involves a lot of field testing. “It’s what allows us to optimize every possible aspect, including handling, performance, system activation and de-activation,” Rémi says. For the driver, this kind of system needs to be user-friendly, so it doesn’t interfere with their driving and experience. There's no need to stop to activate Visco-4Lok, and it’s done using a simple button – this means it’s safe for both the driver and mechanics of the vehicle.

“Collaboration is essential to this kind of project! We were able to work with expert partners who helped us choose the most robust concepts,ˮ Rémi adds. “We did several in-depth tests. After field validation, the data we collected allowed us to really understand and optimize the design and settings, and we’re confident that this system improvement will be a game-changer for real ‘mud-riders’.”

It took 18 months of work and over 30,000km validating different iterations to develop Visco-4Lok and achieve this mature, robust version.  

How is it different to the original Visco-Lok?

The original Visco-Lok is already really effective, but with this development, we've achieved a new level of performance. The Visco-4Lok four-wheel lock function boosts performance to overcome even more extreme mud conditions. So now there’s absolutely no reason to get stuck! We're proud of the robustness of this technology, and the riding opportunities it will offer to our most demanding customers.