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One Young World: paving the way for global change


From October 22 to 25, 10 BRP delegates were among the 2,000 professionals attending the One Young World Summit in London, England. The conference covered topics surrounding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals like climate change, poverty, gender equality, and other concerning issues affecting our planet and humanity.

Our delegation returned more inspired than ever as One Young World Ambassadors, equipped with plenty of ideas and ready to do their part. We can’t wait to see where their ideas will lead, but for now, here’s a recap of their experience.



One Young World is an annual conference that gathers leaders under the age of 30 worldwide and empowers them to be the voice of change.

“The Summit is difficult to summarize, but it’s definitely unique and life-changing. It enabled me to join forces with other young professionals and network with people who share my goals and values. It not only gave me inspiration and a clear direction, but hope for a more sustainable future.”

- Karina Ávila, Supplier Quality Engineer in Mexico

Connecting with people from around the globe was an enlightening experience. Our delegates got to learn from their peers and the conference speakers, and they realized how so many people want to take action and make the world a better place.



The Summit was an incredible experience from start to finish, and it was moving to see so many people from around the globe gathered to address the world’s most pressing problems.

“I was impressed by the caliber of speakers, and the fact that over 190 different countries were represented by young leaders.”

- Ann Forner, Environmental Specialist in the USA

“Seeing how people are making an impact in every part of the world not only gave me ideas, but the motivation to do my part. The socio-economic issues our world is facing and the amazing campaigns presented to us showed a real change in society.”

- Julio Ibarra, Mechanical Engineer in Mexico

“Now I have even more ideas that have already been applied in other industries, and I’m hopeful they can help elevate BRP’s own corporate social responsibility.”

- Christiane Monroy, Financial Business Analyst in Mexico


Key takeaways

Some delegates experienced growth on a more personal level, while others discovered different opportunities or developed a new vision.

“Small changes can be scaled across organizations to make big impacts.”

- Geoffrey Villalba, Global Dealer Marketing Advisor in the USA

“I need to be a voice for those who don’t have freedom of speech.”

- Charles Martin, Supervisor in Canada

“You have to put things into perspective and understand all the key elements before acting.”

- Elke De Schoenmacker, Sales Support Coordinator in Austria

“The resilience of human beings is inspiring, especially when they’re able to turn a negative situation into something positive.”

- Nicolas Gorses, Virtual Reality Designer in Canada

“More focus should be placed on soft skills to optimize performance in a modern workplace. We also need to give our employees a voice and get involved in initiatives that matter to them.”

- Stephanie Thibaudeau, HR Business Partner in Canada



“Everyone has a purpose in this world, but sometimes we get so caught up in our day-to-day that we tend to overlook the needs and struggles of our communities. Beyond our daily activities, we must find a cause, motivation, something that inspires us to be active change agents.”

- David Mora, Corporate Communications Advisor in Canada

At BRP, we feel that our employees represent our company’s future, and that anyone with a goal can make a difference, regardless of their age, gender or role within the company. We’re thrilled to see the positive impact the One Young World Summit had on our delegates, and we can all learn from their passion and determination.