A unique Canadian experience to be proud of

    Like all our products, Can-Am vehicles have their riders at the heart of their design. Those who choose Can-Am seek freedom above all, whether alone, with friends or as part of a community. Especially, we all want to express our personality and our pride, and we also do this through the aesthetics and performance of our vehicles.

    Visco-4Lok: Perfect for more extreme conditions

    For fans of mud and marshy terrain, our Outlander X mr Can-Am ATV is a favourite vehicle. Its Visco-Lok technology, which automatically locks the front differential, ensures they don’t get stuck, even when caught out by an unexpected type of mud or by obstacles hidden beneath the surface. With these ‘mud-riders’ in mind, our research and development engineers pushed the technology even further for our 2021 models.

    International Women’s Day 2020

    March is Women's History Month, and what better way to celebrate what’s been done and what’s yet to come than by highlighting the determination, leadership and commitment of the many exceptional women making a difference in our industry!

    Our Women in Powersports series features interviews with 14 female BRP employees, dealers and ambassadors. For the 15th article, we consolidated all the precious advice these ladies shared with us. Whether you’ve seen them or not, their game-changing tips are worth reading over and over again.

    What gives BRP vehicles such outstanding performance, even in the Dakar Rally?

    The heart of all our vehicles is an engine designed by the engineers at BRP-Rotax, building on a century of expertise that is constantly being refined. The Maverick X3 our number-one-selling vehicle, and the vehicle of choice for the majority of drivers in the Dakar Rally – is no exception. To learn more about what goes into a top-performance engine like the Maverick X3’s, we met Michael Simmer, Project Manager, Product Development, at BRP-Rotax, who led the development of the powertrain (the engine and transmission), including optimizing its functionality and performance.

    One Young World: paving the way for global change


    From October 22 to 25, 10 BRP delegates were among the 2,000 professionals attending the One Young World Summit in London, England. The conference covered topics surrounding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals like climate change, poverty, gender equality, and other concerning issues affecting our planet and humanity.

    Our delegation returned more inspired than ever as One Young World Ambassadors, equipped with plenty of ideas and ready to do their part. We can’t wait to see where their ideas will lead, but for now, here’s a recap of their experience.

    Being authentic – start by accepting who you are

    What does it mean to be an authentic leader? These are the three main principles according to Josée Perreault, Senior Vice-President of Can-Am On-Road: