Jan Kratky: Developer, ePropulsion, BRP-Rotax



    Jan is a development engineer for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and is part of the advanced engineering project team. He’s charged with bringing together all the parts of an alternative electric drive system: power inverter, electric motor, fuel cell, ensuring the highest levels of safety for the vehicle. He also works on the test bench to determine the parameters of an electric motor and make it suitable for the drive system.

    Alexander Burstaller: Developer, ePropulsion, BRP-Rotax

    Alexander’s role in the development of electric vehicles at BRP is multiple. He’s responsible for the system architecture to ensure functional safety, as well as being the embedded software architect and embedded software developer for several modules. He came to BRP from an automotive powertrain manufacturer, where he was a developer of safety-related deeply-embedded software for a number of different projects. Although he began his career in computer architecture, his studies in mechatronics (the design of computer-controlled electromechanical systems), specializing in integrated circuits, started him on the path of this EV adventure.

    André Denis, director - electric vehicles

    André Denis has been working for BRP for many years and has always been a leader in his various teams. This allowed him to develop his skills, but also to better understand the environment in which BRP operates.