Celebrate the moment

Thank you for riding with us for 20 years and
powering the BRP heartbeat.

It’s time to celebrate our 20th anniversary!

Everything we do at BRP aims to do one thing: create new ways to move people, so experiences are measured in emotion rather than distance. On Dec. 18, 2003, we bid farewell to our past to step out on our own. We laid out our vision on that day. We would take our proven success as pioneers on snow and water, and conquer new playgrounds. On and off-road. We would be leaders, not followers. Since 2003, we have tripled our Powersports market share – one out of every three products sold worldwide is a BRP one. Along the way, we also made our own, bold decisions to diversify our portfolio and propel our growth. We entered the Marine business through acquisitions and never looked back. What else has been driving our success over the past 20 years? Our team. 23,000 people, daring thinkers and exceptional go-getters, all powered by the same passion.

As we celebrate the last 20 years and look ahead to the future, we'll continue to live by the passion, drive, ingenuity and trust we believe in. We’ll keep giving the world the adventures they need. And we won’t let anything stand in our way.

Adventure on.

Driven by Adventure

Celebrating 20 years of moving people, BRP was built on a heritage that lasts much longer. Our story is one of passion. Its chapters are filled with innovation. Every page is another milestone on our journey. Every line is woven with adventure.

Craving Some Adventure?

Explore a world of extraordinary ways to chase thrills, one Uncharted Society ride at a time – where every playground is open and every rider is welcome.

Make work an adventure

Discover exciting careers within BRP and join us to reach new heights.