At BRP, we believe there’s an opportunity for everyone in the powersports and marine communities to come together and rethink how we approach safety, riding etiquette, and the environment. We believe that when we empower all riders to ride responsibly—to look out for each other and safeguard our trails and playgrounds—we inspire an industry to welcome newcomers, build a more caring community and generate positive experiences.

Whether you ride on trails, roads, water or snow, BRP is committed to driving positive change. That’s why we’re making the Responsible Rider program a key part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative through action, education and community empowerment.

The Responsible Rider program is about being present when you ride. It’s about taking a moment to center yourself and be clear about where you’re going. It’s about giving all riders access to a positive riding experience.


Join BRP, our fellow members of ISMA, and the entire snowmobile community — including BRP President and CEO José Boisjoli — in taking The Pledge to preserve access to our favorite winter playgrounds and snowmobile trails.


When it comes to the environment, the Responsible Rider program is about looking after the ride that you’re on. Leaving the roads, trails and waterways as you’ve found them and being careful not to pollute or litter. Respecting the natural world so the next ride is as good as the last.


When it comes to safety, the Responsible Rider program is about paying attention to how you’re riding. Starting the journey off on the right foot, whether it’s the first ride or your 500th. Wearing the right safety gear and adjusting your riding style to the existing conditions.


When it comes to riding etiquette, the Responsible Rider program is about sharing the ride with others. Following the rules, reducing noise, minding your speed, and respecting each other. Understanding that everyone has their own way of riding, and finding positive, empowering ways to share knowledge.



Tread Lightly! is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote responsible, motorized recreation through ethics education and stewardship/conservation programs to ensure recreation opportunities are accessible today and for future generations.


The mission of RideSafe is to significantly reduce the number of powersport injuries and fatalities by inspiring children and adults to wear helmets and proper safety gear and obtain safety certification before operating Powersports equipment.

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