Our ecological footprint


At BRP, we are continually working to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing activities and our vehicles. This means reducing emissions and energy consumption in operations, finding new ways to reuse and recycle materials, from parts to packaging and achieving our goal of zero waste to landfill across operations.

In 2022, we further laid the foundation for success by integrating our ESG pillars into our core processes and action plans, helping us identify and manage risks and opportunities that are relevant to our business. ESG pillars are led by members of the Management Committee, who are mobilizing the appropriate BRP teams to achieve the identified goals and targets.

With our CSR25 Program, we are proud to be raising the bar for our industry with ambitious environmental targets:





    CDP : Carbone Disclosure Project


Blazing a trail with new products

In a series of industry first, we announced innovative EV and ICE products.

SEA-DOO RISE: an all-electric hydrofoil board. With Sea-Doo Rise, we are leading the way in growing an untapped market category, and democratizing hydrofoil water sports with a product that is easy to use yet adaptable to all skill levels.

SKI-DOO GRAND TOURING ELECTRIC AND LYNX ADVENTURE ELECTRIC:  our first electric snowmobiles. Both models enable emissions-free touring, thanks to our Rotax E-POWER technology, a quiet smooth ride to access even more terrains, and an easy learning curve for first timers.

Applying circular economy principles in juárez

Our team at Juárez 2 in Mexico planned the renovation of office space with a strong focus to minimize waste in the process. The transformation more than doubled workspaces, created new areas for collaboration, maximized recovery and reuse of construction materials, and enabled ongoing operating efficiencies : + 2,320 kg of materials reused, recovered, and diverted from landfill (+5,100 pounds); + 12,157 kWh annual energy savings from new led lighting.