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Fighting against intimidation is a unifying and universal cause as  we have all witnessed, been victims of, or even perpetrated  bullying. 

With our Ride Out Intimidation program, our ambition is to stop intimidation on a global scale. By focusing our efforts, we generate concrete results and we maximize our impact in the communities where we operate.

It is time to act collectively to build a world in which everyone feels free and safe. 


BRP's Ride Out Intimidation program



The statistics are shocking: 1 in 3 children experience intimidation in their school environment. In order for our youth to grow up in an environment that encourages the development of learning, confidence and good social relationships, we will support organizations and initiatives that fight intimidation among the younger generations.


Bullying doesn't just happen in childhood and adolescence. Nearly half of adult professionals say they have been intimidated by a colleague. At BRP, we have implemented a zero tolerance policy for intimidation in all of our offices and facilities. To help employers educate and equip their employees, we will partner with organizations to deliver programs to be implemented in the workplace.


Marginalized communities are one of the hardest hit groups by intimidation. With the expertise of organizations that work with them, our ambition is to create a united, inclusive and diverse society in which differences are welcomed and celebrated.


Anti-Bullying Day

May 4th, for the United Nations Anti-Bullying Day, the world pledges to end bullying in schools.

Every year, we engage our employees and our network to raise awareness and to provide resources to children, parents, teachers, and school staff.

BRP has teamed up with anti-intimidation organizations worldwide to create a Resource Hub that offers support for youth who are suffering from bullying. Access the Hub by clicking the button below.

Stand-Up to Bullying Day

On the third friday of November, for Stand Up to Bullying Day, we invite our employees and stakeholders to wear yellow and share their gesture on their social media accounts.

The momentum created by this initiative helps to raise awareness for the cause. 

For each social engagement BRP provides a donation to an anti-bullying organization in all regions where we have a presence.



We review all requests for contributions for projets that are in line with our community goals.