A premium brand requires premium dealers

The design and image of your dealership, from the instant a customer approaches it, to the moment they leave with a new unit or visit your service department, are key to reinforcing our common objective of exceeding customer purchase and ownership experience.

BRP is committed to offering  an enhanced, more engaging retail experience through  the implementation of a retail environment strategy that can be crafted to meet the specific individual needs of a candidate both inside and outside your dealership.   BRP can offer insight , and assistance in regards to everything from signage, lighting, retail fixtures, displays, as well as merchandising best practices.  We are supported by some of the finest suppliers in the industry to ensure we give you the best results possible.

We know that by enhancing the consumer experience, it strengthens business performance for both the dealer  and BRP.



• Illuminated exterior signage – approved by BRP one sign per brand carried permanently affixed to the facility or to a permanent pole. 
• Location of dealership must be on a primary road, visible to traffic
• Adequate parking space (preferably paved)



• BRP requires an exclusive dedicated area to display our products within your dealership, specific floor space requirements to be reviewed with applicant
• Each BRP brand carried must have equal showroom representation to the other lines you carry
• BRP display system & racking
• Parts/accessories/clothing presence displayed in showroom dedicated to BRP