Better products and practices

BRP helps people enjoy the outdoors through passionate, innovative, and responsible recreational experiences. We ask that consumers do their part to ensure that our products are used in a responsible and conscientious manner.

Be knowledgeable

Remain up-to-date with laws and regulations with regards to the powersports industry. Rules are not made to be broken. They are established to ensure the safety, security, and enjoyment of everyone. Learn the applicable rules for your vehicle and area, and ride only on marked and approved trails or waterways – steering clear of restricted zones. Do not operate recreational vehicles without proper instructions. Read and watch all materials provided with your vehicle and sign up for all approved training courses.

Be courteous

Everyone has a right to enjoy the outdoors, including swimmers, hikers, skiers, cyclists and wildlife. Respect private property, keep your distance and don’t be a “trail hog”. Watch your speed. Speeding increases noise emissions and can put you, as well as wildlife and others around you in danger. Always follow posted speed limits, and take it slow when you are in a high-traffic area, near shore or near private properties.

Be safe

Take care of your vehicle. A poorly maintained vehicle jeopardizes your safety and can increase emissions. Follow the maintenance guidelines outlined in your user’s manual to ensure everything is in good working order. Before you head out, check the weather forecast. Let people know where you are going and when you should be back. Keep a first aid kit with you and wear appropriate safety gear. Be responsible. Do not ride while under the influence of of drugs or alcohol.


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