BRP's Can-Am EMBRIO: a vision for the year 2025

The EMBRIO advanced concept vehicle is a one-wheeled commuting vehicle that promises a whole new experience on the road. Riding the EMBRIO concept in the real world would be a thrill. With a riding position similar to a motorcycle, the EMBRIO vehicle uses a complex series of sensors and gyroscopes to balance one or more passengers on a single wheel.

BRP's EMBRIO concept vehicle won a Gold Award at the 2003 Annual Design Awards from the Industrial Design Society of America & Business Week Magazine


The EMBRIO concept would use gyroscopic and electronic technology. The main power source would be a hydrogen fuel cell. In stand-by configuration, the vehicle’s front wheels deploy to the ground like a jet plane landing gear to increase longitudinal stability. Thus stabilized, the EMBRIO concept looks perfectly at home in the urban landscape, displaying the beauty of its sculptural lines until it’s time to go for a ride.

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