Can-Am Hybrid Roadster

BRP's Can-Am hybrid roadster: reinventing open road riding. again

Our passion for innovation continues at the BRP-University of Sherbooke Advanced Technology Centre as we work toward developing a Can-Am hybrid roadster. Our goal is dramatically reduced emissions and superior fuel efficiency. We believe that this is the way forward for the environment and will bring about another milestone on BRP’s road map toward eco-performing vehicles.

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Performance objectives:

  • Range in electric mode: 30 km (20 mi)
  • Fuel efficiency: 50 % improvement
  • Emissions: 50 % reduction
  • Total range: 600 km (375 mi)

Download the fact sheet.

Features :

  • 600 cc Rotax ACE internal combustion engine
  • 20 kW continuous power electric motor
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Similar acceleration to the Can-Am 990 RS roadster

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