2016/07/07, Juarez | Mexico, Job Fair in Juárez

The HR team in Juarez received more than 1500 people during the Job Fair. Visitors, who applied on professional and administrative roles, had the chance to visit BRP installations, interview with recruiters and even ride our ATV's with a certified driver.

Watch the Juarez Job Fair in video!

Job Fair in Juárez

2016/07/07, Valcourt | Québec | Canada, Update on Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals

BRP is proud to announce the 3-day Connecting with BRP winner: Matas Kiznis. Matas will have the opportunity to visit the BRP installations in Valcourt, Canada and to connect with BRP employees. Matas was selected during the Champion Ceremony from a bank of candidates that have reached the age of majority in their respective state or country, that are part of the karting world and that are still in school.

'' I have been racing professionally for 7 years, 4 times attended to the Grand finals as a driver and I have been working as a mechanic for 3 years but I still participate in some local races. I have been using Rotax engines since 2008 and the week of the Rotax Grand Finals 2013 was the most memorable of my life. I was a mechanic for Lithuanian Kazimieras Vasiliauskas in DD2. I applied on 3-day Connecting with BRP contest, because I didn't want to miss the opportunity to see how the number one products in the world are being manufactured. '' -Matas Kiznis, winner of 3-day Connecting with BRP in Valcourt contest

Update on Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals

2014/06/26, Valcourt | Québec | Canada, BRP BAJA Competition

BRP hosted on June 19th, 2014 a competition with 7 universities. The BAJA is an intercollegiate competition whereby teams of students design and build off-road vehicles. 2014 winning team from l’École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) in Montréal, received a $4,000 sponsorship of BRP parts.
'' It was an unforgettable day that cemented, for my colleagues and me, our passion for engineering and for BRP products. For me, working at BRP has always been a dream, the main reason why I chose to study in engineering. This day has made this dream grow even further. '' – Mathieu Goyer, 3rd year student, Polytechnique, Montréal

BRP BAJA Competition

2014/03/05, Montréal | QC, FESTIVAL DE ROBOTIQUE

BRP engineers mentored teams at the competitions at the Montréal Robotics Festival (Festival de Robotique de Montréal). Our Human Resources team was also present at their booth to welcome everyone and meet robotics fans.


2013/11/08, New Orleans| Louisiana, ROTAX MAX CHALLENGE GRAND FINALS 2013

From November 10 to 13, BRP’s Human Resources and Marketing teams will be present at the ROTAX MAX CHALLENGE GRAND FINALS in New Orleans. BRP will once again reach racing fans by organizing special contests for the general public and a very special draw for kart drivers, mechanics and coaches. The Human Resources team will be on stage at the Welcoming party to wish everyone the best of luck and launch the contests. More details to come.


2013/11/08, Montréal| QC, FORMULA 1 – GRAND PRIX DU CANADA 2013

In 2013, BRP was the proud designer and producer of the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada trophies. BRP attended the event from June 7 to 9. The Human Resources, Marketing and Communications teams welcomed F1 and powersports fans from all around the globe, giving them the opportunity to take pictures with the trophy, learn more about the 2013 BRP products and even connect with BRP for employment opportunities!

“I am a public relations student at Mount Saint-Vincent University in Halifax. This summer, my father visited BRP’s booth at the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada in Montréal. After speaking with the Human Resources personnel on site, she suggested that I get in touch with BRP for an internship. In September 2013, I started working at BRP as a communications intern. I can sincerely say that this is one of the greatest experiences I have had so far. I am constantly challenged to push my limits and better myself in the various branches of communications. I can only be thankful for the chance I was given.” –Mélodie Hamel Trépanier, Communications Intern


2011/06/01, Valcourt, University Competition in Valcourt!

Innovation is no stranger to our recruiting department. We are constantly finding innovative ways to bring people into our company. Come June 1, seven university teams will compete in an SAE-inspired race.

University Competition in Valcourt!

2011/05/06, Sherbrooke, Career Fair- Sherbrooke University

On May 6, BRP's recruiting team was present at the Career Fair organized by the Internship and Placement Services department of Sherbrooke University.