BRP's intelligent brake and reverse system (iBR)

Part of BRP's iControl technology suite, the iBR system is the world's first on-water braking system for watercraft. Designed specifically for Sea-Doo watercraft, the iBR system provides the rider with the ability to bring the watercraft to a controlled stop on demand.

Intelligent throttle control (iTC) system

Also part of BRP's iControl technology, the iTC system features a neutral gear to facilitate dockside starts, slow speed mode for reduced speed zones and an activity-specific cruise control to accommodate every riding style.

BRP Sea-Doo learning key

BRP's Sea-Doo learning key limits engine speed, allowing first time users and inexperienced riders to develop skills and confidence in a controlled manner.

Off-power assisted steering (O.P.A.S.) system

BRP's exclusive O.P.A.S. system for Sea-Doo watercraft assists manoeuvrability in off-power situations. Side vanes automatically deploy for additional directional assistance.

Off-throttle assisted steering system (O.T.A.S.)

BRP's O.T.A.S. system for Sea-Doo watercraft monitors the rider's steering input as well as the operational speed and automatically increases engine speed to provide additional power when necessary.

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