Applicant screening

  • Analysis of Resumes: Our first step is to screen and analyze all incoming resumes. We will evaluate if your previous employment experience and educational background matches any of our current career opportunities and requirements. All resumes not selected for an existing opportunity will be considered for similar positions that may arise within a 12-month period.
  • First contact: If your candidature is selected, our recruiting department will communicate with you to book a phone interview. Prepare yourself by reading up on BRP, its culture, products and any other information you feel relevant to help you demonstrate that you are the right candidate. Solid preparation will reduce your stress and increase your chances of obtaining the position.

Employee selection

  • Interviewing: Although the interview varies depending on the position, the first step of the process always begins with a telephone interview. A recruiter will evaluate your skills and qualifications relevant to the position as well as determine your salary expectations. We will take the time to understand your needs to help you meet your career development goals.

    The second step is a formal in-house, more in-depth interview where you will meet the Hiring Manager and Recruiting Specialist in person. The final interview will take place with a Human Resources Advisor, a Hiring Manager and, if necessary, an Executive of the department.
  • Decision process: In addition to verifying that the candidate possesses the requirements for the job, part of the decision process may entail psychometric tests or evaluations and background checks. Based on the results of the interview along with these tests, a consensus is established between the Hiring Manager and the Human Resources Advisor.
  • Formal Offer: You will receive a written offer of employment which explains the remuneration for that position, the bonus program (if applicable), vacation days and company benefits.
  • Welcome to BRP! Our Human Resources team exposes all new employees to different integration sessions such as Vision, Mission and Values, Get to know BRP and the Performance Management Program. New employees also receive an integration plan for his/her new function within their department.